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Jan 04
  • Gary: hello maximum
  • Max: ( turns his back to gary and grunts yanking the heavy chain to him )
  • Gary: it doesn't have to be this way you know?
  • Max: yes I know but you can kill me and you will never know or I tell you and you still kill me or out of the kindness in your heart you release me and the king of hell kindly makes me his chew toy for all to see . no I don't think so ?!
  • Gary: no huh ? Okay?okayy. Boooyyyyyssss come strap this lovely dog to the Chinese table !?
  • (Two very well fit men walk in mman handle max in to a Chinese water torcher /max spit on the taller one and closed tightly his dead all black demonic eyes )
  • The slightly taller boy turns the nozzle the second the drop of water hit his face a suffering scream was released from max ....
  • To be continued
Sep 16

Where am I going

High school is a drag . I feel as if Im stuck in an endless tunnel …. I think I’m depressed I need to fall in to something but right now I just want school to end … And for my boyfriend to be less shy /: I think my life sucks but I don’t tell you whole story …..I am great full though c: I grateful for my parents my little brother my boyfriend <33 my cloths on my back and finally life …. I sound cheese but you know what sometimes it gets to the point …. I pray for the kids that have it worse … They are the best people that you could ever know c:

Aug 07

quote Don’t kill yourself for me.

— Jamie